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Reiki is the ancient art of "laying on of hands" in order to heal. It is the use of touch to convey warmth, serenity, love, caring and healing, through the channelling of energy to enhance a person’s own life force-.


Reiki’s meaning is broken down to Rei- and Ki.


Rei- : is spiritual power, universal transcendental spirit.

Ki : is the essence of vital life force energy.

Ki exists in everything. It is a subtle energy that flows within and surrounds all life. It is an essential energy for everything that exists in the physical and spiritual worlds.

There are a range of different vibrations within the human aura and chakras. These vibrations of Ki help to sustain the physical body, our thoughts and feelings as well as our spiritual experiences.

When Ki is out of balance, pockets of negative energy form around the physical body, and within the subtle energies of the aura and chakras.

This heavy negative energy cannot flow freely and becomes sluggish and stagnant resulting in dysfunction and illness in the body. It is only by removing this negative energy that healthy Ki is free to flow again and heal the body.

Reiki healers channel the positive Ki to the area of the body, chakra or aura where negative energy is harboured, allowing it to be released from the person’s energy field and replaced by healthy Ki, resulting in the natural flow of positive Ki. In short, Reiki healers channel through pure Universal Love.

Reiki practitioners need to be totally non-judgemental and their responsibility is to make the person receiving the healing feel totally safe.

Reiki is not a replacement of modern medicine. It assists the receiver in going through the processes of healing and self-empowerment by allowing them to take responsibility for their own health and happiness.

It complements all other therapies, whether allopathic or alternative by allowing the path of healing (physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual) to take place.

Ultimately this allows us all to become aware of our unlimited potential regarding our lives and relationships with others and the universe. community

  Our Goals

To build an Association that is based on warmth and friendship, one that is open to sharing, discovering, learning, supporting and encouraging Reiki Practitioners to spread Reiki throughout the community and beyond.

  Our Value

The Reiki Art of healing Association

values the Traditional teachings of Reiki.

The Reiki Art of healing Association

Values integrity and high quality in the teaching and standards of practice.

The Reiki Art of healing Association

values and supports the proposal of Reiki being recognized as a professional healing modality.

The Reiki Art of healing Association

values equality and believes in the philosophy that we are all equals and masters of our own destiny.

  Our Intention

The Reiki Art of Healing Association is a community, it is a place to belong, a place to share, a place to discover, a place to learn and a place to feel warmth and friendship. The Reiki Art of Healing Association endeavors to build and spread the teachings of 'Usui's Natural Healing System' into the community and beyond. To assist our members with understanding, knowledge and support, to know Reiki within and of the heart. Our aim is to uphold the traditional teachings of Reiki and to maintain a high quality and integrity in the teachings, and standard of practice. The Reiki Art of Healing Association is dedicated to the proposal of Reiki being recognized as a professional healing modality in society. The Reiki Art of Healing Association. believes in thephilosophy that we are all equals and the master of our own destiny. To practice Reiki on oneself and others is an act of service. Through the vibration of love we are powerful, we can create, manifest and most importantly are free to know thyself. The Reiki Art of Healing Association Is a non-profit organization. All monies acquired will be used for the growth and well being of the Association and the spreading of Usui's enlightened teachings to the community.        

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