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Reiki Level 1&2


Lesson 21

Reiki Level 3

Karuna Reiki

Crystal Healing Basic


Course Contents

Reiki Level 1&2- Healer Course

Lesson 1- How to Receive Energy And Meditation

Lesson 2- Reiki History, Stress Management and About Dr. Mikao Usui

Lesson 3-What is Meditation and how Dr. Mikao Usui Regenerated Power

Lesson 4- Dr. Mikao Usui Rules

Lesson 5- Chakras and reasons for blockage of chakra

Lesson 6- Problems related to chakra, activation of chakra,colour therapy, chakra and stars,chakra and glandsand how reiki works

Lesson 7- Aura, how we increase size of our aura, law of nature and law of attraction

Lesson 8- Negativity, diseases in our aura, what is psychic attack, Rahu&Ketu malefic effects in aura

Lesson 9- Aura Presentation

Lesson 10- Cleansing Of Aura

Lesson 11- Mind Power, Concious Mind, Subconcious Mind, Unconcious Mind, Superunconcious mind and how to activate subconcious mind

Lesson 12- Reprogramming of Subconscious Mind

Lesson 13- How to Achieve Goals

Lesson 14- Shaktipat, Attunement and Transfer of Power

Lesson 15- Balancing of Chakra, Symbology, Cho-Ku-Rei, Purification of chakra, Charging of chakra

Lesson 16- How to Heal Ourselves

Lesson 17- Healing Of Local area diseases, Water charging for yourself

Lesson 18- Sei Hei Ki

Lesson 19- Healing Of Others & water and food charging

Lesson 20- Distance Healing and Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen

Lesson 21- Important Instructions, Summary of Level 1&2 and overview of level 3



Reiki Level 3- Master Healer Course

Lesson 1- Meditation For Root Chakra Activation

Lesson 2- Meditation for Sacral Chakra ativation, How to achieve goal

Lesson 3- Meditation for solar chakra activation and how to achieve yogi power

Lesson 4- Meditation for heart chakra activation,how to protect ourselves and others, book charging, learning fast

Lesson 5- Meditation for throat chakra activation, take connection to true god to fulfil prayers, getting qualities from your mentor

Lesson 6- Meditation For third eye chakra Activation and Dai Koo Myo

Lesson 7- Meditation and Shaktipat Initiation

Lesson 8- Meditation Based Healing

Lesson 9- Heal others in lesser time

Lesson 10- How to Use other symbols

Lesson 11- How to protect Room, Home, Shops

Lesson 12- How to use chakra scanner and what applied kinesiology

Lesson 13- Psychic Attack And Psychic Surgery




Karuna Reiki

Lesson 1- Introduction & History

Lesson 2- How to Use Shamin & Rama Symbol

Lesson 3- Zonar, Motor Zanon and Hosna Symbol

Lesson 4- Symbol JOHRE, Symbol OM and Symbol SATI

Crystal Healing Basic

Lesson 1- Crystal, Crystal Healing and Crystals used in healing

Lesson 2- types of crystals and their use

Lesson 3-Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose quartz

Lesson 4-Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing

Lesson 5-Crystal Grid

Lesson 6-Reiki with Crystal wand

Lesson 7- Heal Psychic attack with crystal wand


Lesson 1- Dowsing and its different methods

Lesson 2- Pendulum

Lesson 3- Reiki Healing And Pendulum

Lesson 4

Reiki Mastership- Teacher Course

Lesson 1-Introduction

Lesson 2-How to teach a student, Four pillars, creative visualization, response to life

Lesson 3-Meditation and its types

Lesson 4-How to do Reiki in this level

Lesson 5-Trataka Vigyan

Lesson 6-Symbols Used In Mastership

Lesson 7-Shaktipat for Students

Lesson 8- How to do Shaktipat

Lesson 9-How to do Shaktipat Level 3

Lesson 10- Shaktipat Of Group & Distance Shaktipat

Lesson 11-Instructions to become good teacher and practitioner

Reiki Grandmastership - Teacher training course

Lesson 1- Introduction & Chakra Powers

Lesson 2- Moving Intentions

Lesson 3- How to achieve goals with less efforts

Lesson 4- Aura Cleaning in Mastership

Lesson 5-Reiki Mastership Shaktipat Prepration

Lesson 6- Reiki Mastership(teacher) Shaktipat

Lesson 7-Soul Reiki

Lesson 8- Use of other Symbols

Lesson 9- Other powerful symbols used in reiki worldwide

Lesson 10- Different types of shaktipat

Lesson 11- How to Develop New symbols

Crystal Healing Advance

Karuna Reiki Mastership

Lesson 1- Symbol Halu and Symbol Harth

Lesson 2- Symbol Gnosa and Symbol Kriya

Lesson 3- Symbol Shanti and Symbol Om

Lesson 4-Symbol Tumo and Symbol Lava

Lesson 5- Midas Star