Science of Healing

Reiki grand master Shri bheem sain arora the founder of reiki art of healing association is working on alternative is working on alternative therapies for many years now. He has been organizing free healing camps based on alternative therapies. In these camps he is instrumental in healing patients in thousands along with reiki he is also letting people know about other useful therapies from which people have benefitted all across the nation.

While organising these camps and moving forward this nobel cause of healing humanity he felt that apart from the camp there are so many other people who cannot make it to the camp or are not vigilant enough to know about it,should also get the opportunity to avail the wonders of alternative therapies. In therapies that can be used by a person sitting i his own house.

Very soon the most awaited dream of shri bheem sain ji in the form of “science of healing” will reach your doorsteaps. Its pecuiarity includes the 3 language it will be published in i.e. state language punjabi, national language Hindi & international language English. The Sole reason of publishing it in 3 languages was the constant effort of reiki grandmaster to take it to people of different background, caste, culture and creed. He always wanted that the masses be benefitted in abundance and none should be deprived of its magic.

In this magazine “science of healing” there will be ample details about the alternatives therapies and how these therapes are useful in helping heal people from common day today problems, get rid of today’s stressful life and other diseases of all age group with there cause and cure.

Lets welcome this magzine with open hearts and show our gratitude to this great cause by become a member of it and make it a jewel of our home.