Before learning Reiki, I came to know that we an cure our sickness as well as daily needs with it. Except this, we can achieve our target, to increase our business and also helps to increase our income according to our desire. Initially I was surprised to know that there is a therapy through which we can fulfil all our desires. It was God’s blessing that we did not have any illness in my home but the major problem was that we were in hand to mouth condition. Only for this reason ,I learnt Reiki from Reiki Grand master Shri. Bheem Sain Arora . With his blessings,my income has increased upto 10 times now. Now I am capable to attain my needs.

For this achievement, I am oblidged to Reiki Grand master Shri. Bheem Sain Arora.

Gurpreet Singh

I was suffering from the Arthritis. The pain was so severe that I virtually cried. Doctors recommended me to take medicine regularly but no benefit. Then I came to know about Reiki. I attended the free Reiki healing camp. After receiving Reiki for 7 days, I felt relaxed. I talk to Reiki Grand Shri Mr.Bheem Sain Arora about this and he advised me to receive Reiki regularly or learn it. So I decided to learn . Just in 3 months, I was fully recovered from Arthiritis. I left all the medicines. I am oblidged to Reiki Grand Shri Master Shri. Bheem Sain Arora who gave me a new life.

Gita Rani

I was quite disturbed due to my daughter and grandson. My grandson neither study nor follow any instructions given by me. He was very loose tempered also. My daughter was also suffering from Hypertension and Thyroid disease. I met Reiki Grand Master Shri. Bheem Sain Arora in a free Reiki healing camp. He advised me to attend the camps regularly. My both children received Reiki. Now my grandson is getting good marks in studies and his aggression is also minimized. Now he obeys me. My daughter’s B.P is under control. She is relieved from thyroid problem too. I have also learnt Reiki.

Mrs.Charanjit Gill

I heard about Reiki for many years ago and one day I met Reiki Grand Master Shri. Bheem Sain Arora and he advised me to receive Reiki for my numbness in my feet,pain in my arms and for the thyroid problem. I attended the 7 days free Reiki healing camp. Reiki healer S. Prabhjeet Singh cured me. He minimized my physical problems through Reiki. It is a wonderful experience that without taking any medicine, my problems are keep on decreasing.

B.S.Gill (IRS) Patiala

Me and my wife Prof. Kitti both have learnt Reiki few months back. Our desire was to achieve target as soon as possible. We applied Reiki heartly on us to get our favourite job. Just in 3 months, we both have become Professor together in a same college. It is because of Reiki only. Me and my wife both are grateful to Reiki Grand Shri Mr.Bheem Sain Arora and Reiki.

Arunjeet Singh Tiwana

I read in 7th class. Around one year ago, I felt a very severe headache. Docters said it was migraine. The Vice Chairman of our school S. Rupinder Singh advised me to undergo treatment with Reiki therapy. My papa took me in the Reiki camp. Just only in 7 days, I got relief from headache. After that, one day before my result was announced, I felt discomfort with stomach disorder. Doctors diagnosed it as appendecitis & asked me to undergo surgery but after receiving Reiki continuously,today I am completely well. I do not require any surgery. Now I have learnt Reiki. My desire is to recover the patients in a Reiki camps. For learning Reiki in this young age, I am grateful to Reiki Grand Master Shri. Bheem Sain Arora.

Aditi Malhotra